I’m a voiceover artist described by clients as a versatile, relatable, believable and pleasant female voice … perfect for showcasing brands and connecting with customers across many genres. It’s the little things that matter and while we have a lot of fun, I always have my eye on the details and take great pride in my clients having an excellent customer experience.

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A Mix of Styles
Humor * Legal * Children * AI * Medical
Enthusiastic * Welcoming * Luxury
Informative * Knowledgeable * Sincere
Approachable * Believable * Confident
Fun * Playful * Natural
Upbeat * Warm
Cheerful * Conversational * Energetic
Professional * Businesswoman
Friendly * Mom * Trustworthy
Caring * Comforting * Sensitive
Luxury * Sophisticated * Sultry
Articulate * Technical * Knowledgeable
Compassionate * Hopeful *Uplifting