I’m a voiceover artist described by clients as a versatile, relatable, believable and pleasant female voice … perfect for showcasing brands and connecting with customers across many genres. It’s the little things that matter. I always have my eye on the details and take great pride in my clients having an excellent customer experience.

Even as a tiny human from my humble roots in the Carolinas, I loved making people smile. It’s kind of my thing. My mother said I would stuff my itty-bitty feet into tea cups, twirling to the music and pretending I was a ballerina. The resulting smiles from those who watched filled me with joy! So, off to dance class we went where I excelled, became a performer and eventually an assistant teacher.  It never seemed like work to me.

I was always the kid who would coordinate neighborhood and school talent shows and get others to showcase their gifts. Coming from a military family, we moved frequently in my early years so I always had fresh talent to pursue in new cities! In junior high and high school, I became a cheerleader and led cheers with gusto! Being social and organized have always been my trademarks.

I’m described by friends as wise, caring and loyal … and a trusted go-to person. My choice of a major in college was psychology. It seemed like a perfect fit as I’m a real social butterfly and people person. I excelled in this fascinating subject, but my professors quickly assessed that I’d be one of those counselors that would not be able to leave my work at the office. So, I chose recruiting / career counseling as a career instead and became a business owner and president of an industry-related state association. In my association work, I was always heading up committees for fundraising, industry training, seminars, etc., fulfilling my passion to find creative ways to help others define their purpose and reach their goals.

My love of performing, always at the forefront, morphed over the years from dancer / gymnast, to plays and musicals, and finally to voiceover and commercial work. I truly love voiceover as it allows me to take the ideas of others and bring visions to life. One client described a finished project like this: “Debra’s interpretation of our script captured the emotion and feeling that we desired.” That’s my job, and it makes me smile!

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